Center for Performance

Illinois 5Essentials Survey

Continuous Improvement Projects

The Illinois State Board of Education, in consultation with parents, educators, community members, and experts, is committed to a process of continuous improvement in the administration and reporting of the 5Essentials survey.

Item Reviews

Prior to the 2014 administration of the 5Essentials survey, the Illinois State Board of Education has conducted item reviews to identify whether the items on the survey are applicable across all school types in Illinois. A diverse group of educators across the state were invited to participate in these reviews, including teachers, principals, and superintendents, and provided valuable insights that have helped shape the design of the new survey.

To see some of the design changes from this item review process, you can download the February 2014 focus group report.


 Roster Pilot

In 2014, ISBE and UChicago Impact will run a pilot program for new security measures for student and teacher surveys. In 5 school districts, students will use their student ID and birthday and teachers will use their e-mail address to access the survey. The efforts of teachers and students in the 5 school districts will help ISBE and UChicago Impact test this security system before taking it statewide in 2015.

These enhancements will, in addition to enhancing survey security, allow ISBE and UChicago Impact to evaluate the survey data for over- or under-representation of sub-populations of students and teachers.


 Research Projects

In January and early February, ISBE conducted a survey of principals and superintendents about several current initiatives including the 5Essentials. The results of this survey will be shared with the Advisory Committee. The Consortium on Chicago School Research is developing a plan to investigate the statewide connection between 5Essentials results and student test score outcomes. In partnership with the Illinois Education Research Council, ISBE will write a report about the use of 5Essentials data across the state. This report will include an analysis of the superintendent and principal survey data described above, a review of a sample of Rising Star plans, and interviews and focus groups in a variety of districts.


 Communications and Professional Development Opportunities

ISBE plans to offer both online and in-person opportunities to build awareness, udnerstanding, and capacity for application of 5Essentials data.