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bullet Spanish Templates for ISAT Individual Student Reports -- 2011

Item Analysis Report Templates (Reading, Mathematics, and Science) - 2011

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bullet item 2011 ISAT Item Counts by Standard (Reading, Mathematics, and Science)

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bullet item State Assessment: Not Tested Reasons and Assessment Scores/Subscores Descriptions

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bullet item ISAT Translated Directions

bullet item ISAT 2011 – Test Administration Procedures and Issues Webinar -
January 26-27, 2011

bullet item 2011 ISAT & IAA Assessment Network Activities & Pre-Test Information Webinar
Tuesday, October 26, 2010

bullet 2011 ISAT & IAA Reference Guide: Assessment Network Activities & Pre-Test Information  PDF File 

bullet 2010-11 Guidance: Illinois State Board of Education Assessment Accommodations Students with Disabilities: IEP and 504 PDF File

bullet Eligibility for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Status

On Jan. 1, 2010, the eligibility criteria for LEP status changed from an overall composite proficiency level (PL) of 4.0 on ACCESS to a tandem requirement of 4.8 overall composite PL with a 4.2 literacy PL. Click here for more information..

The 2011 ISAT District and School Coordination Manual (page 8) lists the old eligibility criterion of a 4.0 composite proficiency level. Please make note of the new eligibility criteria for LEP status as indicated above.

bullet Calculator Use Policy for the ISAT Mathematics Tests

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bullet Pearson Assessment Network

bullet Interactive ISAT Multiple-Choice Sample Questions

bullet Illinois State Assessment Technical Manuals

bullet ISAT Scale Score Cut Points

bullet Guides to the Illinois State Assessment

bullet ISAT Information Archive

bullet item 2011 ISAT Rescore Request Forms:

bullet item Announcement concerning grid 4 on the Grade 3, Form LM test booklet

bullet item Snow Days and the 2011 ISAT Test Windows

bullet item Rulers packaged with Reader Script Kits – Grades 4 – 8

bullet Professional Testing Practices for Educators – 2011  PDF File