Illinois Standards Achievement Test Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT)

The Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) measures the achievement of students in reading and mathematics in grades three through eight and science in grades four and seven.

For 2014, administrators, curriculum directors, and teachers should use the Illinois Assessment Frameworks as the primary resource in preparing students for ISAT in science at grades 4 and 7. The Common Core Standards outline the general content specifications for grades 3 through 8 in reading and mathematics.

bullet Test Blueprint for the 2014 ISAT Assessments

Should you have additional questions, please contact the assessment division at: 1-866-317-6034.

bullet Test Dates and Content Areas Tested

2014 ISAT
Test Dates
March 3 – March 14, 2014
Grades and Subjects Tested
  Reading Mathematics Science
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
• indicates that students are tested
Note: ISAT Writing is suspended for 2013-2014

bullet ISAT Resources for ELLs

bullet Questions about ISAT test administration should be directed to:

Jim Palmer at or by calling the Assessment Division at 866/317-6034.