November 6, 2013

Dynamic Learning Maps™ Field Test Opportunity

Illinois is a member of the Dynamic Learning Maps™ (DLM) Consortium. DLM is the new alternate assessment for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. We are planning a field test and we want YOU to join us! The information below outlines the details regarding the field test.

Illinois is also applying for the ESEA Flexibility waiver. The waiver would relieve students from “double testing” in 2013-2014. For the DLM field test, if a student participates in all three testing windows for a given subject, that student does not have to participate in the 2014 IAA for that subject. For any questions, please contact the Student Assessment Division at 866-317-6034.


Each Dynamic Learning Maps™ (DLM) Field Test is designed to accomplish certain goals. Collectively, these goals are designed to prepare the assessment system for its operational phase beginning in 2014-15. All tests will include a teacher survey for feedback on system features.


We are recruiting all eligible students in DLM member states in grades 3-12:

Eligible Students


Will you please help the DLM Consortium reach our goal of maximum student participation in the field tests?

The primary goal of this survey is to gather your best estimates on the numbers of students who will participate in each field test. We will use this information to further refine our field test plans.

Please reply to the survey BY NOVEMBER 15 using this link  

Best Regards,
The DLM Team