February 14, 2014

Snow Days and the 2014 ISAT Test Windows

Due to the extraordinary weather conditions we have experienced statewide this winter, the agency will be allowing school districts that are scheduled to test during the regular test window to move to a modified regular-test window (March 10-March 21).

You may begin your two-week test window one week later than the originally scheduled start.  This modification only applies to school districts scheduled to test in the regular window.   The pick-up day for all districts scheduled to test during the regular (or modified regular) window has been moved to Tuesday, March 25.

Please note: All schools in a district must test within the same test window.

The original and revised test schedules are as follows:

Original Regular Window:  March 3 – March 14
Modified Regular Window:  March 10 – March 21
New pick up day – March 25th

Points of clarification:

If you have any questions, please call 217-782-4823 or toll free at 866-317-6034.