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Title I schools that do not make AYP for two consecutive years are identified as a School In Need of Improvement.

In year one of School Improvement, the school must develop an improvement plan and offer school choice.

In year two, the school must offer Supplemental Educational Services (SES) in addition to school choice.

In year three, the school district must implement one or more of a list of corrective actions. A restructuring plan is developed when the school or district has not made AYP for a total of 5 consecutive years.

Public School Choice

Supplemental Educational Services

Corrective Action

School Restructuring

The guidance document reflects Illinois and federal law on school restructuring and what must be done to reflect local restructuring planning. It also directs the reader to the Illinois Interactive Report Card ( for a link to the Illinois e-Plan which contains the suggested School Improvement Plan template with the required component to reflect the restructuring planning summary. Please note the contact information for the Regional Service Providers (RESPROs) in your area which are available for technical assistance.