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The federally funded Migrant Education Program (MEP) provides supplemental education and supportive services to migrant children. Funds are available to support projects in districts with documented migrant student populations. MEP projects operate in support of, and in coordination with, the regular school programs. During the summer, comprehensive summer school programs offer migrant children a full range of academic and supportive services.

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Migrant Program Fiscal Resources



  • Budget Amendment Forms
  • FY15 Regular Year Migrant Education PDF format

  • Migrant Education Application Forms
  • FY15 Summer Migrant Education (20-37A) (Closed March 20, 2015)
  • FY15 Regular Year Migrant Education (20-37) (Closed July 1, 2014)

Migrant Recruiter Resources



Migrant recruiters in Illinois complete annual training to be qualified to identify migrant children eligible to participate in the Migrant Education Program. Below are the forms and reference materials that migrant recruiters use to document migrant child eligibility.

Reference Material

Annual Recruiter Training

Migrant recruiter training is scheduled in the spring. For more information contact Scott Wilhelm.

Questions About Recruiting

Contact Scott Wilhelm, Illinois Migrant Identification and Recruitment Coordinator at (312) 663-1522 or

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