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Business, Marketing, and Computer Education Matrix

A matrix has been developed to provide a quick glance of the appropriate sequence of courses for approved programs. This matrix is only a guide to aid in the development of approved Business, Marketing, and Computer Education programs therefore not all approved courses are listed. If you have any questions please contact Karen Drage.

BMCE Programs

Digital Literacy and Responsiblity

10008A001 Maximum .5 CUs

This foundation-level course prepares students to use technology in a proficient and proper manner in school, in the workforce, and in everyday life. The course contains the skills for working in an Internet or networked environment and the knowledge of what it means to be a good digital citizen and how to use technology responsibly.

Topics include the benefits and risks of sharing information online, and understanding of the possible consequences of inappropriate sharing (oversharing). Students explore the legal and ethical dimensions of respecting creative work. Topics such as copyright, plagiarism, fair use, and the rights students have as creators will be an integral part of this course.

Technology use is a vital employability skill for entry-level and upper-level management positions. Students may be provided with the opportunity to seek industry-recognized digital literacy certifications.

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