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Business, Marketing, and Computer Education Matrix

A matrix has been developed to provide a quick glance of the appropriate sequence of courses for approved programs. This matrix is only a guide to aid in the development of approved Business, Marketing, and Computer Education programs therefore not all approved courses are listed. If you have any questions please contact Linda King.

BMCE Programs

Keyboarding - K-12

Employers, educators, and parents agree that effective computer use is a requisite outcome for all students. In order to accomplish this required level of computer competence, a productive computer keyboarding skill is essential. The Illinois Business Education Association in collaboration with the State Board of Education, developed a sequential plan for developing keyboarding skills in grades K-12.

These research-based guidelines are recommended for implementation in new or existing technology or computer keyboarding curriculum. A tremendous amount of concern regarding the inability of individuals to utilize computers efficiently and effectively has surfaced from parents, educators, and employers.

The brochure located using the following link provides a definition of keyboarding, objectives for various grade levels, researched-based guidelines for keyboarding instruction, notable quotes, and contact information.

It is essential that these recommendations be shared at all levels - elementary, middle/junior high, and high school.

The brochure can be downloaded, printed and disseminated.

Visit the Illinois Business Education Association (IBEA) Downloads page for:

  • keyboarding brochure
  • keyboarding assessment

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