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On June 24, 2010 the Illinois State Board of Education adopted new Learning Standards for English/Language Arts and Mathematics. This Gap Analysis document is an informational tool designed to guide local steps towards increasing the awareness of the new standards and providing guidance to teachers at each grade level as they review curriculum and transition to full implementation. Local districts are encouraged to conduct their own review and analysis to initiate discussion based on what is taking place in their classrooms and analyzing local data. 

Classroom teachers were convened in order to analyze the new standards and determine where curriculum and instructional changes might be needed. This group was well versed in the old Illinois Learning Standards and proved to be enthusiastic about the task. The teachers used a web-based tool developed by Achieve, Inc. to complete a gap analysis between the 1997 Learning Standards for Math and ELA and the newly adopted common core.

The group worked in small teams to determine:

Using their best professional judgment, the teachers completed this interpretation of the new and old standards. This document is not meant to be a fixed analysis of the content of the standards.  Rather, it is meant to provide a starting point from which educators can organize and begin the necessary discussions about their local curricula. 

Read the full introduction and instructions on how to read the analysis.

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Starting Points

The adoption of the common core presents an opportunity to capitalize on the expertise and systems our state has in place to better prepare every Illinois student for their experience beyond high school. The work of implementing new standards will not be rapid. It will require a collaborative, responsible approach regardless of circumstances that are less than ideal for capacity and economic issues faced statewide. The current assessment system will undergo significant adaptations that are in the very early stages of design and development.

The resources that follow offer suggestions to initiate local review of the common core and promote discussion that will inform planning and preparation for full implementation. The implementation of standards and decisions regarding curriculum are local decisions. Districts will choose various approaches to their planning process and the implementation of new standards.