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New Web-Based Health/Life Safety (H/L S) Processing System


Health/Life Safety Processing System Instruction Manual

The Illinois State Board of Education has developed a new web-based Health/Life Safety (H/L S) Processing System. Via ISBE’s web portal, known as IWAS, the new H/L S Processing System allows users external to ISBE to create and submit ten year survey and amendment data, annual inspection reports, and annual ROE reports for school district buildings maintained in a facility inventory listing.

There are several key benefits that the H/L S Processing System offers:

  • Freedom of access with the 24/7 ability to create documents, approvals and updates by the Architect, School District, Regional Superintendent and ISBE can occur 24/7.
  • Improved communication due to comment fields, and 24/7 online inquiry of information.
  • Improved coordination between Architects, School Districts, Regional Superintendents and ISBE because documents are easily searched and found, and questions are easily answered by 24/7 inquiry.
  • Enhanced monitoring of document status via detailed electronic tracking of ten year survey and amendment data, annual inspection reports, annual Regional Superintendent reports documents.
  • Time savings provided by various features, including but not limited to:
  • rapid inquiry of information through one stop centralized resource home page, ‘find a document’ tab, various tabs and links
  • easy data entry with pre-populated building and school district fields
  • rapid creation of documents due to copying functions, drop down lists and automatically calculated fields
  • automated creation of the Certificate Need, the Application for Approval
  • cumulative running totals of approved funding and amendment numbers
  • immediate real time approvals and updates to documents
  • Google map of location of each school building in the facility inventory
The implementation for this new system is slated for January, 2008. We hope that you will join us for one of the following scheduled times to learn how to use this new automated system for the submission of ten year surveys and amendments.

If you have any questions, please contact School Business Services at (217) 785-8779.