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 FY18 Request for Proposals (RFP) Information (12/7/16)new

Links to data, webinars, and other resources to assist communities, providers and others in preparing for the FY 18 Early Childhood Block Grant (ECBG) RFPs. This is an opportunity for early childhood education providers and stakeholders to evaluate the needs of the children and families in their communities, as well as to inventory the types of programs currently available for those children and families. Information provided here may also be used to plan how resources may most effectively be used across their communities, coordinating enrollment, and aligning birth to 3rd grade continuum of quality services.

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 Early Childhood Programs

 Early Childhood Program Contact Lists

  • FY 15 Programs for Birth to 3 Years Old  (3/15)
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  • FY 15 Programs for 3 to 5 Year Olds (3/15)
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Early Childhood Professional Development

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If you have further questions about Early Childhood services in the State of Illinois, please feel free to contact the Early Childhood Division at 217/524-4835.

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