Center for language and early child development

Early Childhood Education

Got Data – Early Childhood Outcomes Workshop:  Presentation and Handouts
October 2008

  1. Agenda
  2. Early Childhood Outcomes: Using Data for Program Improvement (Powerpoint)
  3. COSF implementation issues discussion questions
  4. Early Childhood Outcomes Rating Forms and Instructions
  5. Decision Tree for Summary Rating Discussions
  6. CDC Important Milestones
  7. Ava Activity instructions
  8. Ava Assessment data
  9. Ava blank summary of relevant results
  10. Ava documentation worksheets
  11. Involving Families (Powerpoint)
  12. Involving families video discussion questions
  13. QA factors worksheet
  14. QA team discussion quality review
  15. Guidance for reviewing completed COSFs
  16. COSF review activity-Emily
  17. Pop quiz
  18. The Fun Stuff (Powerpoint)
  19. Evidence-Inference-Action Activity
  20. Table explaining federal reporting categories
  21. COSF to progress categories
  22. Data quality talking points