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Early Childhood Education

Special Education Services

Early childhood special education services for children, three through five years of age and their families, are provided through local school districts and special education cooperatives.

Professionals with training and expertise in special education services implement the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Part B, by supporting the educational needs of young children and families. Early childhood special education professionals and related services personnel provide specialized educational services to children with disabilities in a variety of settings such as early childhood, preschool, child care, prekindergarten/Preschool for All, Head Start and other early childhood settings to meet the developmental learning needs of these children. In addition, families and early childhood providers may request information about appropriate expectations for children’s development.

Early Childhood Special Education Initiatives

Early Childhood Special Education Training & Technical Assistance

ISBE offers statewide training and technical assistance through two projects: Early CHOICES and STARNET. Library and information services are also available to all Illinois residents through the Early Childhood Intervention Clearinghouse.

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