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ISBE Forms List
Form # Form Name
19-86 District Request for Impartial Due Process Hearing Officer
19-86A Parental Request for Impartial Due Process Hearing
20-39 District Plan under Section 228.27 to Provide Language Acquisition Services
20-60 Annual Survey of Children in Local Institutions
21-04 Request for a Certificate of Qualification to Hold Office as a Regional Superintendent of Schools
33-04 Regional Superintendent's Summary Report On Recognition
33-77 Application for Waiver or Modification of State Board Rules and/or School Code Mandates
33-78 Student Transfer Form
33-94 Alternative Learning Opportunities Program (ALOP) Application for Continuing Program Approval
33-96 Alternative Learning Opportunities Program (ALOP) Application for New Program Approval
— Program Requirements and Instructions
33-99 Building and Fire Safety Review
34-20 Undesignated Epinephrine Reporting Form
34-20A Undesignated Opioid Antagonist Reporting Form
34-30 Special Education Funding and Child Tracking System (FACTS)
34-37 Application for Approval of Private Residential Placement for Room & Board Reimbursement
34-50A Charter School Initial Application for Special Education Services
— Instructions
34-50B Charter School Renewal Application for Special Education Services
— Instructions
34-52 Policy Assurance Form - Special Education IDEA
35-77A Update for School Construction Grant Program (Currently being updated)
35-79 District Facility Plan
35-82 Temporary Relocation Loan or Grant Application
35-85 QZAB Application
39-16 Application for Ethnic School Foreign Language Program Approval
42-60 Annual United State Senate Youth Program - Hearst Scholarship
43-16A Private School Consultation for Title I Services
50-02 Certificate of Tax Levy
50-03 School Treasurer's Bond
50-35 Annual Financial Report
50-36 School District Budget Form
50-37 Annual Statement of Affairs
50-39 Joint Agreement Budget
50-50 Home/Hospital Worksheet
50-52 School Bus Safety Training
50-66 - BP Schedule B - Pupil Documentation
50-66A Special Education Tuition Cost Sheet
50-66 - BL Schedule A - Personnel Documentation
50-66C Special Education Tuition Bill and Claim Computation
50-66D Special Education Depreciation Schedule
50-72 School-Based Child Nutrition Programs Documentation of Civil Rights Training
50-73 Homeless, Migrant, Runaway Certification Form - Children Categorically Eligible for Free Meal Benefits
54-28 State Approved Charter Schools - Quarterly Enrollment Form
54-37 Orphanage Tuition 18-3 Excess Cost - Regular Term Program
54-37A Orphanage Tuition 18-3 Excess Cost - Program Cost Report
54-37AS Orphanage Tuition 18-3 - Excess Cost - Summer Term Cost Report
54-37B Orphanage Tuition 18-3 - Students with Services that Require Excess Cost
54-38 Certificate of Error (Cook County Only)
54-39 Certificates of Error (Outside Cook County)
54-42 Program Participation Request Form for School-Based Child Nutrition Programs
54-45 Extending Electronic Direct Certification of SNAP/TANF Eligibility to ALL Children in a Household
63-82 CACFP Verification Document for At-Risk After-School Snack/Supper Program
65-08 CACFP Training Certification
65-09 CACFP Edit Checks 1 and 2
65-10 CACFP - Head Start Master List of Enrolled Children
65-11A CACFP Menu Form
65-11B CACFP 21-Day Cycle Menu Form
67-04A Blank Lunch/Supper Menu Form
67-04B Blank Breakfast Menu Form
67-04C Blank Supplement Menu Form
67-14A SFSP - Medical Exception Statement for Food Substitution
67-15 Summer Parent Income Application
67-16 Pre-Operational Visit
67-22 Total Meals Recap
67-24 Cash Disbursements Form
67-25 CACFP Documentation of Training
67-33 Documentation Sheet for Residential Child Care Institutions Only
67-35 NSLP Onsite Review Form - Assessment of School Meal Counting and Claiming Procedures
67-37 Meal Count Edit Form
67-42 SFSP Monitoring Site Review Form
67-48 Physician Statement for Food Substitution
67-54 CACFP Personnel Activity Report
67-56 CACFP Household Income Eligibility Application for Parents/Guardians of Children Enrolled in a Day Care Home
67-56A CACFP Household Income Eligibility Application for Day Care Home Provider
67-59 CACFP Monitor Review Form for Sponsors
67-60 CACFP Pre approval Form for Sponsors
67-77 CACFP At-Risk Monitor Form for Sponsors After-School Snack/Supper Program
67-80 NSLP Review of After-School Care Snack Sites
67-81 Clarification of Participation
67-89 CACFP Small Purchase Agreement for Procurement of Vended Meals
67-90 CACFP Renewal of Competitively Bid Vended Meal Contracts
67-91 CACFP Documentation of For-Profit Eligibility
67-92 Master List for Children and Disabled Adults at Emergency Shelters
67-93 CACFP Monthly Profit (or Loss) Summary
67-95 CACFP Master List of Enrolled Children
67-98 CACFP Annual Enrollment Form
Spanish version
68-02 Household Eligibility Denial/Approval Notification Letter
68-04 National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs Public Announcement
68-49A CACFP Sponsoring Organization/Provider Permanent Agreement
68-50 CACFP Monthly Milk Purchase Estimate
68-62 CACFP School Agreement to Furnish Food Service
68-75 CACFP Meal Participation Record (31 Day)
68-75D CACFP Meal Participation Record (Fill-In Days)
68-77 CACFP Food Donations
68-84 USDA Foods Complaint Form
68-85 USDA Foods Delivery Complaint Form
69-02 CACFP Annual Documents Checklist
69-03 CACFP Monthly Documents Checklist
69-04 Meal Participation Record for Homeless/Emergency Shelter
69-14 At-Risk After-School Snack/Supper Program Daily Meal Count Form
69-15 Direct Certification Sample Letter PDF format   Word format
69-23 CACFP Sponsor Application
69-45 CACFP Site Application
69-50P CACFP Management Assessment for New Institutions
69-51 CACFP Application for New Institutions VCA Profile
69-71B SFSP Sponsors Using Area Data - Site Eligibility
69-71C SFSP Residential/Non Residential Camps
69-71D SFSP Sponsors Using Individual Documentation - Site Eligibility
Household and Income Form       
Spanish Version
69-88 CACFP Household Eligibility Application for Child Care Centers
Spanish Version
69-99 CACFP Invitation for Bid and Contract for Purchased Meals
73-03F Application for Visiting International Educator Endorsement
73-05G State-Approved Program Verification for Gifted Education Specialist Only
73-06 Grade Verification Form
73-08 Application for State Professional Development Provider
73-23 Application for Career and Technical or Provisional Career and Technical Educator License
73-42 Request for Approval of Adapted Physical Education Teacher
73-44 Notification of School Support Personnel Intern Eligibility Status
73-53 Educational Interpreter Log
73-58 Approved Professional Development Provider Activity Report
73-59 Annual Approved Provider Report
73-71 Licensure Update Request / Name change/Degree change
73-76 Request for Voluntary Removal of Endorsements
73-83 Verification of Teaching Experience for Removal of Limitations on Limited Learning Behavior Specialist I (LBS I) Endorsement
73-85 Request for Review of File to Remove Limitations on LBS I
73-86 Application for Short-Term Emergency Approval in Special Education
77-21A Evaluation for Workshop, Conference, Seminar, Etc.
77-21B Evidence of Completion for Professional Development
77-40 Illinois Local School District Annual Report for Non-Highly Qualified Teachers
80-01 Out-of-State Applicant Request to Waive EdTPA
80-01A Out-of-State Applicant Verification of EdTPA
80-02 State-Approved Program and Completion of Standards Verification
80-03 Out-of-State Test of Basic Skills Verification: Department/Board of Education Use Only
80-05 Request to Expire Current Evaluation for Licensure Per Passage of Illinois Statute
80-07 Request for Pre-Approval of Coursework/Re-evaluation of Coursework
80-08 Verification of Teaching Experience (Principal Endorsement Only)
83-04A Homeless Referral and One-One Tutoring Plan
83-04B Homeless Transportation Fund Request
83-04E Homeless Family Request for Assistance - ISBE
83-04F Homeless Dispute Resolution Process Form - School District
83-04H Homeless Affidavit
83-04I Referral to Homeless Education Liaison
83-04J Homeless Caregivers Authorization Form
85-51 Affidavit of Enrollment and Residency
English Version
Spanish Version
87-01 Nonpublic Registration, Enrollment, and Staff Report - Register after Sept. 30 and before June 26
(Important: This report is to be completed only by those schools registering for the first time.)
87-02 Home Schooling Registration Form
91-02 School Drill Documentation
91-04 Application for Initial Recognition of Nonpublic Schools
91-04A Nonpublic School Evaluation Instrument
W-9 IRS Form - Vendor Taxpayer Identification Number
LSDEP Local School District Equity Plan
PROBE Regional Superintendent of Schools - School Evaluation Form (Compliance Probe)
RMNQT Roadmap For Each Not-Highly Qualified Teacher