Innovation & Improvement

Illinois PIRC

The Illinois Parent Information Resource Center (Illinois PIRC) implements and supports a variety of programs and policies, and provides resources to increase parental involvement, improve student academic achievement, and strengthen partnerships among parents and schools.  Illinois PIRC is an initiative of Columbia College Chicago's Center for Community Arts Partnerships.

Illinois PIRC Core Beliefs

How Illinois PIRC Supports Parental Involvement Strategies Statewide

Specific resources and services are available to educational administrators, school districts, regional offices of education, institutions of higher education, and other key stakeholders in implementing effective parental involvement strategies. 

Illinois PIRC offers the following:

Statewide partnerships are critical to the development and sustainability of Illinois PIRC.  For more information, to access services, or become a statewide partner, please call 1-877-586-0007 or email

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