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Please call Human Resources at (217) 782-6434.

Human Resources

Career Opportunities at the State Board of Education

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Teacher, teacher’s aide or food service positions are not staffed by the Illinois State Board of Education. If you are interested in a school district position, please contact your local school district or Regional Office of Education.

If you are interested in a position with the Chicago Public School System (Chicago Board of Education) please call 773/553-1000 or visit the Careers at CPS website.

For all other applicants, it is necessary to apply for a specific advertised position in order to be considered for employment.

 Instructions for Applying

If you are interested in being considered for one or more of the vacant positions, write to Human Resources, Illinois State Board of Education, 100 North First Street, Springfield, Illinois 62777, and provide the following:

  1. An Illinois State Board of Education application which must be received (not postmarked) not later than the closing date(s) shown on this vacancy list.
    • The application must include:
    • the position title(s) for which you are applying,
    • the inventory number of each position applied for, and
    • Download the Application Form
    • PDF version pdf format (Updated 8/16)
      No candidate recommended/approved for employment will be placed on the payroll until the signed application is on file*.
  1. A cover letter that identifies and explains how your training, experience, and/or coursework qualify you for this position.
  2. A detailed resume, describing your education, training and experience.
  3. A copy of your transcript(s) if the requirements of the position(s) for which you are applying require a degree(s).
    No candidate recommended/approved for employment will be placed on the payroll until the original transcript(s) is on file*.
  4. The "closing date" identified for each vacancy defines the date Human Resources will officially stop accepting applications and begin the screening/interviewing process leading to an employment recommendation. However, applications received after the "closing date" will be retained and may be considered if it has been determined the initial applicant pool did not produce a suitable candidate to recommend for employment.

  5. *Special Note:

    A faxed copy of required materials will be accepted as a temporary replacement for original materials. Materials faxed on the date identified as the closing date will be accepted up until the close of the work day, which is 5:00 p.m. Such faxed documents must be followed up and replaced by the original materials as soon as possible. The fax number for Human Resources is 217/524-0396.

 Eligibility Guidelines for Current ISBE Employees

Operations Employee:

Employees who have performed satisfactorily for at least 6 months in their current assignment (or at the same administrative professional/subcategory level if employees have accepted a lateral appointment within the last six months) will be eligible to apply for Operations positions listed.

AFSCME Agreement:

When an AFSCME bargaining unit position is advertised internally, only current bargaining unit members shall be considered to fill the vacancy. Current exempt and temporary employees may bid on these positions, but will not be considered unless no bargaining unit members have applied or unless bargaining unit members have withdrawn their bids or have otherwise been ruled ineligible or unqualified.