Illinois Learning Standards

Stage G - English Language Arts

English Language Arts Classroom Assessments Aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards

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The assessments are coded according to standard and stage. Example: 1A.G is aligned to standard 1A, stage G (seventh grade). Sample student work, when available, follows the assessment.

  • 1A.G - Vocabulary Collage

    The students will activate prior knowledge and make predictions of vocabulary before they read a selection.
  • 1B.G - Game Board

    After reading a novel, the student will create a game board, which includes literal and inferential information from the novel.
  • 1C.G - Interpreting Information from Magazines

    Using a magazine article, each student will read an article, interpret the elements of a good article and create informational geometric design sheets.
  • 2A.G - Bookmark

    After reading literary works as a class each student will develop bookmarks that include literary elements, terms, and genre for each selection.
  • 2B.G - Drama Change

    After having read a class novel students will rewrite the ending of the story into drama form so the plot is different.
  • 3A.G - Jumping Frog

    Write a multi-paragraph paper on the following topic on two tricks that are played on characters in the story, “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.”
  • 3B.G - Christmas Holiday

    Using the writing process, each student will write a multi-paragraph narrative on a prompt.
  • 3C.G - Detention

    Each student will write a multi-paragraph persuasive essay on the prompt, “Detentions.”
  • 4A.G - Where Am I?

    The student will listen to a set of directions read by the teacher and will mark the path on a map to determine his/her destination.
  • 4B.G - Controversial Character

    Students will analyze a controversial character from a selection read this year, and will present as a group their analysis of that controversial character.
  • 5A.G - Locating, Organizing and Using Information

    Each student will generate ideas and formulate questions using a graphic organizer for writing a multi-paragraph report.
  • 5B.G - Analyzing and Recording Information

    Each student will research and analyze information from primary and secondary print and non-print sources, discriminate between relevant and irrelevant information, organize information, record sources and develop a bibliography and sources cited page.
  • 5C.G - Research Project

    Each student will have investigated a topic suitable for research and organized information from the research, to write a multi-paragraph report or to present the report orally, using a visual enhancement created.

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