Illinois Learning Standards

Stage C - Mathematics

Mathematics Classroom Assessments Aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards

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The assessments are coded according to learning standard and stage. Example: 6A.C is aligned to standard 6A, stage C (third grade). Sample student work, when available, will follow the assessment.

  • 6A.C - Expanded Numbers

    Listen to and write numbers in expanded form (e.g., 425 = 400+20+5), use base-ten blocks to build each of those numbers, and solve problems using expanded notation.
  • 6A.C - Pizza Pizza Fractions

    Determine fractional parts of a whole pizza, build fractional parts using fraction sticks, and generate equivalent forms of fractions.
  • 6A & 7A.C - Measure Your Pencil

    Measure the length of a pencil and record its length in (a.) centimeters and fractional parts of a decimeter and meter and (b.) inches and fractional parts of a foot and yard.
  • 6B.C - Miles of Smiles

    Solve story problems using fact extensions.
  • 6C.C - Menu Planner

    Plan a menu for a family of 4 for a day; estimate the cost of purchasing items on that menu based on a $50.00 budget; calculate the actual costs of those items; and compare the estimated and actual costs.
  • 6D.C - M & M's

    Manipulate M & M’s to answer questions concerning fractions, percents, rates, and ratios.
  • 7B & 7A & 7C.C - Around We Go

    Measure the area and the perimeter of a section of the floor.
  • 8A.C - Complete the Pattern

    Extend two geometric patterns and two numeric patterns.
  • 8B & 8D.C - Doggie Time

    Represent a pattern using a table, pictograph and Unifix cubes and make predictions based on these representations.
  • 8C.C - Fact Families

    Calculate answers to four different problems using only the numbers 6, 7, and 42.
  • 9A/9B.C Straws and Shapes

    Identify the two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional objects and build three-dimensional objects of two-dimensional representations of shapes.
  • 9B.C - Symmetry and Similarity

    Draw three figures that have lines of symmetry and identify similar shapes.
  • 9C.C - Shapely Figures

    Represent various three-dimensional geometric figures with pictures, categorize each picture by the figure it represents, justify the placement of each picture, answer questions about the relationship between two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.
  • 10A & 10C.C - Flip a Coin

    Predict how many times a coin will land heads or tails when it is flipped 50 times.
  • 10B.C - Pizza Party

    Create and administer a class survey and follow-up survey to determine what kind of pizzas and beverages to order for a class pizza party.
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