Illinois Learning Standards

Stage H - Mathematics

Mathematics Classroom Assessments Aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards

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The assessments are coded according to learning standard and stage. Example: 6A.H is aligned to standard 6A, stage H (eigth grade). Sample student work, when available, will follow the assessment.

  • 6A & 6C.H - Number Lines

    Find coordinates and distances on a number line.
  • 6B.H - Which Pair?

    Determine possible pairings of numbers and operations that will produce the exact value desired without doing any actual computation.
  • 6D.H - Selling Price

    Calculate the original pricing of a computer game, to allow for the percentage of profit desired.
  • 7A & 7B.H - Measuring Your Classroom

    Measure the dimensions of the classroom and calculate area; determine the maximum error present in their distance measurements and in their calculated area.
  • 7A & 9A & 9C.H - Tangram Perimeters

    Compare the relative size relationships between pieces in the seven-piece Tangram square and other figures made of Tangram pieces.
  • 7C & 9C.H - Around the Stop Sign

    Analyze a drawing of a regular octagon inscribed in a circle to determine angle measures, using knowledge of properties of regular polygons and the sums of angles in various polygons to help solve the problem.
  • 8A.H - Marcy's Dots

    Identify and extend the pattern of changes in a series of pictures of dots and generalize that pattern in words, and symbols either recursively or explicitly.
  • 8B & 8D.H - Walking Home II

    Analyze a situation involving distance traveled in a given period of time when rates are provided, represent this situation graphically and algebraically, and discuss the concept of slope as a rate of change represented on the graph.
  • 8C.H - Sharing Gum

    Solve a problem involving linear inequality and justify the reasoning and procedures.
  • 8D.H - Is It Linear?

    Write a real-world word problem with two variables in the answer.
  • 9A.H - Shapes in Motion

    Move a given shape through a series of transformations, determine another single transformation that would have resulted in the same initial pre-image and final image, and analyze whether those motions would produce equivalent images with other starting figures.
  • 9B.H - The Stained Glass Window

    Analyze a scale drawing to determine the actual size of pieces of a stained glass window.
  • 9D.H - Diagonals and Altitudes

    Find the length of the diagonal of a square that has a side the length of the altitude of an equilateral triangle, explain reasoning and justify procedures.
  • 10A.H - Sales Leader

    Examine a set of data for three realtors' sales to determine which one is the sales leader.
  • 10B.H - Pet Shop Decision

    Design a study to solve a real-world problem, and then design a study to help them answer the question.
  • 10C.H - Why Isn't it 50-50?

    Understand the difference between the outcome of the experiment, and the outcome that they expected.
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