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Educator Licensure

Professional Development Providers

Educators can use a number of professional development activities to meet requirements for

The activities that require an approved provider are as follows:

Workshops, Conference, Symposia, and Similar Trainings

Approved providers of workshops, conferences, etc., must complete the top portion of the following forms and distribute them at the conclusion of the activity they are offering:  the evaluation (77-21A) and evidence of completion (77-21B).  Providers collect and maintain completed evaluation forms for three years.  The participants keep the evidence form.  Attendance records must be kept for five years.  (Illinois providers offering workshops, conferences, symposia and other similar activities online are required to sign and disseminate the ISBE evaluation and completion forms electronically. National and/or out-of-state providers offering workshops, conferences, symposia and other similar activities, online or otherwise, are not required to use the ISBE forms. IL educators who participate in national and/or out-of-state workshops, conferences, symposia and other similar activities, online or otherwise, are required to retain agendas/syllabi and registration/enrollment confirmation as documentation of participation.)

Educators maintain the evidence of completion in a portfolio that must be available in the event they are selected for audit. 

Schools or districts that offer professional development should note that the evidence form is issued for conferences, workshops or similar trainings and not for “housekeeping” activities. 

The law allows one CPDU per contact hour.

Notices of Professional Development—In the past, providers had to submit to the State Board a Notice of Professional Development prior to offering an activity.  The requirement to submit the Notice was eliminated in 2004. 

Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDUs) can be earned one per contact hour, excluding breaks and lunch. 

Evidence of Completion

Workshops, conferences, and similar trainings

Coursework:  grade slips or transcripts

Induction and Mentoring programs: Certificates of completion issued by those offering approved programs.  A template (optional) is available to providers by entering the provider system and calling up the Induction and Mentoring application submitted and scrolling to the bottom of the page.  Providers have the option issuing their own certificates of completion.