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Educator Licensure

Subsequent Certificates or Endorsement

One option for professional development for moving from Initial to Standard certification or renewing Standard/Master teaching certificates is to receive a subsequent certificate or endorsement.

Under the new rules for certification and assignment of educational staff, subsequent certificates are to be earned through passage of all relevant tests and completion of either a full or "focused" certification program offered by an institution of higher education that has been approved to offer that program. Each institution is expected to provide candidates with information about how to apply for such a certification program and how the institution will determine what prior coursework and experience can be counted toward the requirements for the subsequent certificate (i.e., how it will conduct a "gap analysis"). Candidates who complete a full or focused subsequent certification program will be recommended for the certificate by entitlement.

Issuance of subsequent certificates on the basis of transcript review will not be available for applications received after December 31, 2004.

Evidence of Completion

Evidence that the certificate or endorsement was issued during the time that he or she held the Initial teaching certificate.