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Highly Qualified Teachers and Paraprofessionals

Highly Qualified Bilingual Teachers, Special Education Teachers and Teachers in Small Rural Schools PDF format
Districts with teachers granted a period of time to become highly qualified by filing ISBE form 77-36 "Request to Report Status of Bilingual Teacher, Special Education, and Rural School Teacher as Highly Qualified for NCLB Purposes" received an ISBE letter sent to the district approving the teachers for the assignment.

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Professional Development for Highly Qualified Teachers PowerPoint Presentation Power Point

Highly Qualified Interactive Worksheet
Would you like to see if you are "No Child Left Behind" Highly Qualified? Download the Windows or Mac version of the Highly Qualified worksheets. Go through the worksheet and determine your status. This information is not sent to ISBE or any other party. It is only for your use in making a determination.

Necessary Credentials for Reading Personnel PDF format

Understanding the Illinois NCLB Requirements PowerPoint Presentation PDF format

Improving Teacher Quality Non-Regulatory Guidance (USDE) Word Document (2006)

Core Academic Subjects PDF File

USDE Definition of Highly Qualified Teacher PDF File

Parents Right to Know Qualifications of Educators PDF File

Professional Development: The term "professional development" (as defined by USDE) PDF File


The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 stated that paraprofessionals must show competency (e. g., be qualified) no later than four years after the law was enacted, by January 8, 2006. The deadline for teachers to become highly qualified in their core academic area was June 30, 2006. The U. S. Department of Education is extending the deadline for paraprofessionals, believing that the qualified paraprofessional and highly qualified teacher provisions should be consistent. USDE will align its monitoring and enforcement efforts of states for both the highly qualified teacher and paraprofessional provisions of the law. This will ensure a more efficient, effective and coordinated method of monitoring state efforts in these areas while ensuring that all children are provided with the resources the law provides them.

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