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For Immediate Release
March 29, 2006

Illinois Mathematics and Science Partnerships spotlighted in Capitol Showcase

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – The Illinois State Board of Education today (March 29, 2006) celebrated the successes of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Partnership program at the State Capitol. The annual Capitol Showcase for the Illinois Mathematics and Science Partnerships brings representatives of the classroom teachers, scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and higher education experts in the program together to share their research findings about how they learned and how it changed their teaching in classrooms around the state.

Continued appropriations from No Child Left Behind (Title II, Part B) legislative requirements directed the formation of Mathematics and Science Partnerships in Illinois. During the past three years, the partnerships have provided outstanding opportunities for professional development in mathematical inquiry and problem-solving, scientific inquiry and technological design. The partnerships have emerged from local districts, colleges and universities and a wide diversity of STEM leaders from our local communities. Illinois’ appropriation for 2006 is approximately $6 million. The unique partnerships offer additional training that will serve approximately 1,000 teachers in more than 130 districts.

Dr. Ginger Reynolds, Assistant Superintendent, said, “Our partnerships are engaging their responsibility for the current and future citizenry of our state. They are contending with the realities of teaching in 21st century classrooms about the issues, concepts, and new technologies that are emerging daily. The IMSP program opens doors for partnerships including mathematics, science, and engineering departments in our colleges and universities. Through the grants, participants are able to share their expertise, resources, and facilities with high-need local school districts with the primary goal of improving student achievement in mathematics and science.”

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