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Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

States Lead the Effort to Write New Science Standards

Illinois is among the 26 lead states that have worked collaboratively to update science standards, called Next Generation Science Standards, under the guidance of Achieve, Inc.

These internationally-benchmarked standards provide a new vision for K-12 science and engineering education and set the stage for a significant shift in how those subjects may be viewed and taught in Illinois and across the nation.

NGSS Update

Eight states have adopted NGSS: Rhode Island, Kentucky, Vermont, Maryland, Kansas, Delaware, California and Washington.

NGSS in Illinois

NGSS was adopted by the Illinois State Board of Education on Jan. 23, 2014. The NGSS Science Standards will go into effect beginning in the 2016-17 School Year. Please refer to Appendix D of ISBE's rules governing Public Schools Evaluation, Recognition and Supervision (Part 1) for further information.

To view any of the State Board's rules as they are currently in effect, go to "Rules Currently in Effect".


An active group working at the state level preparing for adoption and implementation is the Illinois Building Capacity for State Science Education (IL BCSSE).

This group is made up of a diverse group of K-12 educators, higher education, informal educators and representatives from business and industry. This core of this group originally served as the ISBE NGSS Lead State Review Committee. The charge for this group in the beginning was to provide review of the NGSS standards as they were released in order to provide guidance to the writers of NGSS. Following the release of NGSS in April, this group was then given a new charge and a new name. Currently, this talented group participates in important discussion guiding policy recommendation for NGSS adoption and implementation. Currently, IL BCSSE is in the process of forming committees to work on issues related to NGSS communications, professional development, partnerships and critical issues.



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