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Free and Reduced-Price Meal Eligibility Data

Free and reduced-price meal eligibility data is collected on October 31 of each year and is available in an Excel spreadsheet.  This report contains self-reported data from sponsors in the National School Lunch Program; therefore, not every school in Illinois is listed in the following reports.

The report provides the following information:

  • Agreement Number
  • Sponsor Name
  • School Name
  • City
  • Enrollment
  • Free Eligibles
  • Reduced-Price Eligibles
  • Percent Eligibles

Free and Reduced-Price Meal Eligibility Data

 (excel spreadsheet Excel Spreadsheet)
Key to the Coding of Public School Districts and Schools

School districts and schools in Illinois are identified by a unique code. This code is a combination of 15 numbers, or 14 numbers and one letter.  The first 11 numbers (or 10 numbers and one letter) of the code identify the school district.  The last four numbers identify the particular school in the school district. 

For example:

(1) (2) (3) (4)  
19 - 022 - 1080 - 16

is the code for Lake Park High School in Roselle.

(1) Region Code:  A code of two numbers, from 01-57 for the 45 Regional Offices of Education.  Each region is made up of one or more of the 102 Illinois counties.  In addition, Region 60 is assigned to the Department of Corrections, and Region 65 is assigned to Other State-Funded Schools.  (The region codes are listed on pages v-vii for reference purposes.) 

(2) County Code:  A code of three numbers, from 001 to 102, assigned to each of the 102 Illinois counties in alphabetical order.  In addition, number 105 is assigned to the Department of Corrections, and number 108 is assigned to other State-Funded Public Schools. 

(3) District Code:  A code of four numbers, or three numbers and one letter, which includes the legal identifier which the school district uses as its district name. 

(4) Type Code:  A code of two numbers that identifies the type of district or administrative agent:

High School
Unit Districts Administrative
01 Common - 1 Teacher 13 Consolidated 22 Old Type 30 Department of Corrections
02 Common - Other 15 Charter 24 Community Consolidated 40 Area Vocational Center or State Designated Facility which is jointly owned and operated by member districts
03 Consolidated 16 Community 25 Charter 41 Area Vocational Center or Designated Facility which is owned by one district and jointly operated by a number of districts
04 Community Consolidated 17 Township 26 Community Unit 60-63 Special Education Cooperative
05 Charter 18 Protectorate 80 Other State-Funded Public Schools
19 Nonhigh 90 State Charter Schools
00 Regional Programs