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bullet CACFP Child Care Institutions — New Institution Training

CACFP New Institution trainings provide guidance to new organizations on the Child and Adult Care Food Program application process and required procedures. New institutions are required to view each applicable session prior to having their application for participation in the Child and Adult Care Food Program approved. Participating institutions may also benefit from viewing these trainings and use as Refresher training.

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Topic  Food Distribution Program 

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Currently no Food Distribution eTrainings are available. Please check back.

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bullet USDA Foods and Illinois Commodity System Training

Nutrition Program staff is providing a USDA Foods and Illinois Commodity System Training which focuses on the Illinois Commodity System, placing annual commodity order, diversions to processors, Department of Defense (DOD) fresh fruit and vegetable program, and additional monthly processes to teach better management of USDA foods at eight sites this November and December. Trainings are half day sessions with morning and afternoon sessions offered based on location. Pre registration is required and space is limited, so do not hesitate and register today!

Currently no USDA Foods and Illinois Commodity System Training workshops are scheduled. Please check back for future workshop dates.

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Currently no Food Distribution Resources are available. Please check back.

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Topic School Nutrition Programs Archived Webinars   






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Topic  School Nutrition Programs Workshops

bullet Direct Certification, Certification and Verification

This half-day workshop will be a training on the overall regulations related to the use of the Electronic Direct Certification System, certification of household eligibility applications and verification efforts. Staff that work directly with the overall certification process at your school district would be the best persons to attend this training session.

Currently no Administrative Review Process Workshops are scheduled. Please check back for future workshop dates.

bullet School Meals Menu Planning 101

This half-day workshop will be a beginners level hands-on workshop with menu planning activities geared to the school nutrition personnel that plan the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program menus.  This workshop provides basic information about the breakfast and lunch meal patterns, nutritional requirements, as well as offer versus serve.   Each workshop location is limited to 50 attendees, so we request that each school register no more than 2 staff to attend this training.


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bullet Food Handler Training

On Aug. 27, 2013, the Food Handler Training Enforcement Act was signed into law. This law requires all food service area employees or food handlers that work with open/unpackaged foods, food service equipment or utensils, or any food contact surfaces to receive an approved food handler training.

Volunteers (unpaid adults or students) do not need to complete a food handler training.

The Food Handler Training requirement includes school food service (NSLP, SBP, etc), summer (SFSP) and child care (CACFP) staff. School food services and other child nutrition programs are classified as being “non-restaurant” facilities. Food handlers working in non-restaurant facilities must complete an approved training program by July 1, 2016.

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Nutrition and Wellness Programs Division has been approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to provide the Food Handler Training.  Child nutrition program staff that complete a training and are able to score a passing grade on the required assessment will receive a certificate that is valid for 3 years. All trainings provided by the ISBE Nutrition and Wellness Programs Division will be free of charge to all school food service employees.

The Food Handler Training is different from the Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification (FSSMC). Any food service staff person that has a current FSSMC certificate does not need to complete a Food Handler Training. 

Food service staff that have completed an Illinois approved FSSMC training would have had to pay a $35 fee to IDPH for the Illinois issued certificate. An FSSMC certificate is valid for 5 years from the date of the exam. ISBE is not offering FSSMC classes.

Please contact a local IDPH office for questions regarding the FSSMC requirements and classes.

bullet Overview of the Administrative Review Process

This half-day training will provide sponsors an overview of the Administrative Review (AR) including all USDA checklists and resources.   The Administrative Review is an assessment conducted by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) of the School Food Authority’s (SFA) administration of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), School Breakfast Program (SBP) and other school nutrition programs. The objectives of the AR are to determine whether the SFA meets program requirements, provide technical assistance, secure any needed corrective action, and assess fiscal action, if applicable.  ISBE must conduct ARs of all SFAs participating in the NSLP and/or SBP at least once during each three-year review cycle period. The first three-year review cycle began SY2013-2014.

Currently no Administrative Review Process Workshops are scheduled. Please check back for future workshop dates.

bullet Developing a School Food Safety Plan

Schools that participate in the National School Lunch and/or Breakfast Programs are required by the United States Department of Agriculture to have a HACCP based food safety plan in place. The Developing a School Food Safety Plan workshop will help schools satisfy this requirement by assisting in the revision of a current food safety plan, or in the development of a new food safety plan. Participants will be introduced to the Process Approach, which allows for a more simplified application of food safety procedures. Participants will also receive information on the overall format of a school food safety plan, writing or revising Standard Operating Procedures, and will work with hands-on activities that can be taken back to schools and immediately used in the training of additional food service staff.

bulletSmart Snack Workshop and USDA Foods Technical Assistance

This workshop will provide information about implementing the USDA Smart Snack Regulations for the first two hours of the session time. The remaining time, USDA Foods staff will be available to provide one-on-one technical assistance so school personnel can submit USDA Foods order for SY2015-2016. If you have a computer available, please bring so that staff can assist you complete the online USDA Foods order. Please feel free to come to the entire half day workshop or the part applicable to your job.

Currently no Smart Snack Workshops and USDA Foods Technical Assistance workshops are scheduled.

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