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CD Instructions

Access to these specific standards within the Content-Area Standards for Educators are in three different formats: the

  • Standards,
  • Illinois Administrative Rules, and
  • Matrices (PC or Mac).
  The Standards are in the PDF format most commonly used by professional educators in higher education institutions and the P-12 schools. You will need the Acrobat Reader 5.0 to access them.  
  The standards are effective as rules of the State Board of Education and are recorded in the Illinois Administrative Rules.  Each content-area standard is linked to its specific section of the Illinois Administrative Rules.  Click on the bookmark tab on the left side of the page, find the reference number, and click on the number to get to the citation. You may also scroll down the document until you reach the citation.  

The Matrix format is in MS Word for either PC or MAC. These are designed to assist higher education institutions with the analysis and design of their programs to ensure that they meet the State standards and to assist teachers and administrators with the design of their individual professional development plans.

  Note: To enter data on a matrix, save the file to your hard drive or floppy disk by these simple steps.
For the PC - File | Save As | Choose the appropriate location/folder | Save |
For the Mac - File | Save As | Choose the appropriate drive/location | Save |

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Updated: January 2003