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The Content-Area Standards for Educators define the knowledge and skills teachers, school service personnel, and administrators must demonstrate in their specific subject areas and professional roles to ensure that Illinois students meet or exceed the expectations defined by the Illinois Learning Standards.  In addition to the content-area standards, all teachers are expected to meet the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards, the core Technology Standards, and the core Language Arts Standards; and administrators must meet the expectations defined in the Illinois Professional School Leader Standards.   

This CD contains the standards for each certification/program area, the accompanying matrix, and the Illinois Administrative Rules. The matrix format was designed by the Division of Professional Preparation and Recruitment to assist higher education institutions with the analysis and design of their programs to ensure that they meet the State standards.  The matrix format may also assist professional educators with the design of their professional development plans.  

The standards are effective as rules of the State Board of Education and are recorded in the Illinois Administrative Rules (  The only exceptions are the special education standards for special education teachers, which are now in effect.  By July 1, 2003, all other college and university professional preparation programs for teachers and administrators must be redesigned to address the Illinois standards.  Programs preparing school service personnel, including school counselors, school nurses, school psychologists, and school social workers, must be redesigned in accordance with the standards by July 1, 2004. 

A new state test, Assessment of Professional Teaching, will be introduced in October 2003 to assess teacher certification applicants’ knowledge of the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards, the core Technology Standards, and the core Language Arts Standards.  The new state tests for special education professionals will also be implemented in 2003.  The teacher and administrator certification tests based on the Content-Area Standards for Educators will begin in July 2004.  The standards-based tests for school service personnel will be available in July 2005.  Current information on the Illinois certification tests can be found at 

For electronic copies of these standards, the administrative rules, and current information on the implementation of Illinois’ standards-based system, please visit the Division of Professional Preparation and Recruitment website at  Please contact our division if you have additional questions by calling 217-782-4330, faxing 217-782-3687, or by emailing