Data Analysis

Health Requirements/Student Health Data

Data Entry Worksheets (10/16)

Contact Information

  • For assistance with IWAS account, password, user access, student health system access, contact ISBE Helpdesk:
  • 217-558-3600
  • For specific vaccine details, medical waivers, child health examination forms and related forms, contact Illinois Department of Public health:
  • 217-782-4977
  • For Vision and Hearing Screening and Referral contact IDPH Division of Vision & Hearing:
  • 217-782-4733
  • For compliance with health requirements, and school health policy, contact Jessica Gerdes:
  • Jessica Gerdes, MS, RN, NCSN
    Illinois Professional Educator/ Licensed School Nurse
    Principal Consultant: School Nursing, Health Issues, PE, Health Education
    Division of Special Education
    Illinois State Board of Education
  • For data questions on student health, data definitions, deadline dates for data collection, contact Marjurie Ribeiro:
  • Marjurie Ribeiro, Ph.D.
    Principal Consultant - Data Analysis
    Illinois State Board of Education
    312/814-7239 (Voice)
    217/782-3950 (Division Office)

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