Rules Currently in Effect

The list below displays all the rules of the State Board of Education that are currently in effect. The majority of the State Board’s rules can be found in Title 23 of the Illinois Administrative Code; those rules that are exceptions are listed at the end of the chart. The rules are listed by Part number in the order of their appearance within the Illinois Administrative Code as a whole. To see all rules and amendments that are under development at this time, go to "Proposed Rules and Amendments".

Part Number


Subchapter a
Public School Recognition
1 Public Schools Evaluation, Recognition and Supervision
Subchapter b
20 Standards for Endorsements in Elementary Education
21 Standards For Endorsements in the Middle Grades
22 Code of Ethics for Illinois Educators
23 Standards for School Support Personnel Endorsements
24 Standards for All Illinois Teachers
25 Educator Licensure
26 Standards for Endorsements in Early Childhood Education and in Elementary Education
27 Standards for Endorsements in Specific Teaching Fields
28 Standards for Endorsements in Special Education
29 Standards for Administrative Endorsement
30 Programs for the Preparation of Principals in Illinois
33 Programs for the Preparation of Superintendents in Illinois
35 Mentoring Program for New Principals
50 Evaluation of Educator Licensed Employees Under Articles 24A and 34 of the School Code
51 Dismissal of Tenured Teachers Under Article 24 and Dismissal of Tenured Teachers and Principals Under Article 34 of the School Code
65 New Teacher Induction and Mentoring
70 Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Assistance Grant
75 Incentive Grants for Agricultural Science Teacher Education
Subchapter c
100 Requirements for Accounting, Budgeting, Financial Reporting, and Auditing
120 Pupil Transportation Reimbursement
130 Determining Special Education Per Capita Tuition Charge
140 Calculation of Excess Cost Under Section 18-3 of the School Code
145 Temporary Relocation Expenses
151 School Construction Program
155 Electronic Transfer of Funds
Subchapter d
Construction and Building Maintenance
180 Health/Life Safety Code for Public Schools
Subchapter e
200 Sex Equity
203 Low-Income Students Funds Plan
205 Truants' Alternative and Optional Education Programs
210 Illinois Hope and Opportunity Pathways through Education Program
215 Alternative Education Diplomas
Subchapter f
Instruction for Specific Student Populations
226 Special Education
227 Gifted Education
228 Transitional Bilingual Education
232 Summer Bridges Program
235 Early Childhood Block Grant
240 Alternative Learning Opportunities Program
245 Education of Homeless Children and Youth State Grant Program
Subchapter g
Special Courses of Study
252 Driver Education
254 Vocational Education
260 Reading Improvement Program
265 Grants For Arts Education and Foreign Language Education
270 Advanced Placement
Subchapter i
Food Programs
305 School Food Service
Subchapter j
Textbooks and Equipment
Subchapter k
School Records
375 Student Records
Subchapter l
Nonpublic Elementary and Secondary Schools
401 Special Education Facilities Under Section 14-7.02 of the School Code
405 Payments To Certain Facilities Under Section 14-7.05 of the School Code
425 Voluntary Registration and Recognition of Nonpublic Schools
Subchapter m
Postsecondary School
452 Public University Laboratory Schools
Subchapter n
Dispute Resolution
475 Contested Cases and Other Formal Hearings
Subchapter o
525 Regional Offices of Education and Intermediate Services
555 Children’s Mental Health Initiative Grants
565 Class Size Reduction Grants
575 School Technology Program
600 Enrollment of and Payment for Nonresident Students at the Philip J. Rock Center and School
650 Charter Schools
675 Providers of Supplemental Educational Services
State Board Rules Outside Title 23
2 IAC 5000 Public Information, Rulemaking and Organization
2 IAC 5001 Access to Information of the State Board of Education Under the Freedom of Information Act
4 IAC 1300 Americans with Disabilities Act Grievance Procedures
29 IAC 1500 Joint Rules of the Office of the State Fire Marshal and the Illinois State Board of Education: School Emergency and Crisis Response Plans.
44 IAC 1105 Procurement by the State Board of Education
44 IAC 1110 Education Purchasing Program