Proposed Amendments to Part 33 (Programs for the Preparation of Superintendents in Illinois)

Part 33, which became effective September 14, 2014, establishes requirements for superintendent preparation programs established by institutions of higher education or approved not-for-profit entities (as defined in Section 33.10), in partnership with one or more school districts and in consultation with one or more professional organizations that represent school administrators, school boards, chief school business officials or regional superintendents of schools.  The rules address internship components, required coursework, candidate selection, program standards and program approval process.

Much of the substance of Part 33 relied heavily on the current rules governing principal preparation programs (Part 30).  Consequently, a reference to principal preparation programs was inadvertently retained in Section 33.70(g) and is now being correct to read "superintendent preparation program".

Initial Review by State Board of Education: December 2014

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