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School Maintenance Project Grant

2014 School Maintenance Grant Application (Round 2) Opening February 3, 2014 through February 28, 2014

The School Maintenance Project Grant application will reopen for application submission for only one month.

While the 2014 School Maintenance Grant (SMG) Round 1 is nearing the end of the review and approval process of over 600 applications, Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) will release the remainder of funds for another round of grant awards. 

The 2014 SMG (Round 2) application will open in ISBE Web Application Security (IWAS) on Monday, February 3, 2014 and close on Friday, February 28, 2014.  All applications and required paper work must be submitted no later than Friday, February 28, 2014, no exceptions.  All Health Life Safety (H/LS) Amendments required for the H/LS priority level B must be submitted no later than Friday, February 28, 2014, no exceptions.  All grant awards will be awarded to Emergency and H/LS priority first, then to the other priority levels until the funds run out.  All applications will be ranked and awarded first by their priority level.  In the priority level where funds will run out before all applications can be awarded, applications will be ranked and awarded by the District’s need index within that priority level.

Since this round will have a shorter turnaround application period, some requirements have changed. Please read the following carefully and be sure to follow the steps listed below or in the instructions.

The 2014 SMG (Round 2) is a dollar for dollar state matching grant program providing awards up to $50,000 for the maintenance or upkeep of buildings or structures for educational purposes. There is approximately $18,000,000 available for this round.

Eligible Applicants:  All school districts, cooperative high schools and Type 40 area vocational centers.

Important details of the Application process:

Important details during and after completion of the project:

Instructions pdf file

Results from Previous Rounds:

Round 2 was offered from April 17-May 31, 2013 and $9.8 million dollars will be paid to 213 districts for Maintenance projects. The following details the applications received and awarded:

Application Priority
Number of applications received
Number of Applications Awarded
Emergency Projects
Health/Life Safety Priority Projects
State Priority Projects
Permanent Improvement Projects
Other Projects
Chicago Public Schools - receives 20% of total amount awarded

SMPG Recipients - Fiscal Year 13 Round 2 Excel Spreadsheet (Posted 9/23/13)

Round 1 was offered from March 1-May 1, 2012 and $39.2 million dollars was paid to 691 districts for Maintenance projects.

SMPG Recipients - Fiscal Year 12 Round 1 Excel Spreadsheet (updated 10/9/12)

For more information and assistance, contact Kimberly Beachy with the School Business Services Division at or at 217-785-8779.