School Business Services

School District Financial Profile Score Information

Each year, ISBE requests that each district superintendent review their Annual Financial Report data through the ISBE Web Application Security System (IWAS).

Now available is your School District’s Financial Profile Scores, it is important to review the calculated profile score as well as a good opportunity to enter comments in IWAS. This is your opportunity to explain any ongoing or isolated issues in your district (Max 500 Characters per comment). The comments are beneficial to the district and those interested in school finances. Please complete the comment process by February 2, 2014.

The adjusted financial profile will be compiled and distributed by ISBE in March, the profile will incorporate such adjustments as may be needed to reflect delayed disbursements of any Mandated Categoricals.  Upon State Board approval, the scores and designations will be displayed on the ISBE website and made available to all state and local media.

Please enter comments through the IWAS account by February 2, 2014