Student Information System

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Illinois Child Outcomes Summary Form (Updated 7/24/14)

Early Childhood Outcomes Decision Tree (Updated 11/15)

Forum Guide to Building a Culture of Quality Data: A School and District Resource

There has been a growing awareness that effective teaching, efficient schools, and quality data are linked. A "Culture of Quality Data" is the belief that good data are an integral part of teaching, learning and managing the school enterprise. This guide was developed by the Forum's Data Quality Task Force to help schools and school districts improve the quality of data they collect and to provide processes for developing a "Culture of Quality Data by focusing on data entry—getting things right at the source. The quality of data will improve when all staff understands how the data will be used and how data become information. This guide will show how quality data can be achieved in a school or district through the collaborative efforts of all staff.

NCES Nonfiscal Data Handbook for Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education (2003)

The NCES Nonfiscal Data Handbook was developed to provide guidance concerning the consistent maintenance of student, staff, and education institution information. This handbook presents standard data elements and definitions describing students, staff, schools, LEAs, and SEAs in early childhood, elementary, and secondary education.

Forum Guide to Protecting the Privacy of Student Information: State and Local Education Agencies

A general overview of privacy laws and professional practices that apply to the information collected for, and kept in, student records. The document provides background on the key principles and concepts in student privacy, summarizes Federal privacy laws and any recent changes to them, and suggests good data management practices for schools, districts, and state education agencies.