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Due Process

Due process is an appeal process for parents to resolve issues with school districts about their child's IEP. To correctly view PDF documents please upgrade/download the free Adobe Reader.

Due Process Screening Committee Meeting Notice
Date Description

  Due Process Screening Committee

  • Due Process Screening Committee Minutes
  • Due Process Screening Committee Members:

    State Superintendent of Education or Designee
    Elizabeth Hanselman, Assistant Superintendent
    Special Education Services

    Attorney General or Designee
    Judith Levitan Disability Rights Bureau

    State Superintendent of Education Appointments

    Parent of Child w/Disabilities
    Rick Ramirez (Committee Chair)

    Adult w/Disability
    Todd Williams

    Director of Special Education
    Michael Padavic

    Attorney General Appointments

    Parent of Child w/Disabilities
    Vickie Simpson

    Experienced Hearing Officer
    Magistrate Judge Susan Cox

    State Advisory Council on Education of Children w/Disabilities
    Elizabeth Conran*

    *Ex-officio non-voting member

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 Due Process Hearing Officers (11/16)