Special Education Services

 Secondary Transition and SPP Indicator 13 Requirements

Webinar Series

This webinar on Secondary Transition and SPP Indicator 13 Requirements reviews the basic components of secondary transition planning for students with disabilities. 

The webinar has been recorded in sections or chapters, as delineated below, to support districts in quickly and easily accessing desired information such as the legal framework, findings of non-compliance, the Indicator 13 Checklist and Data Verification Rubric, minimum compliance requirements by item, resources and/or contact information for the SPP Indicator 13 Team.

PowerPoint Presentation PDF format The webinar references a number of links to additional information and resources to support district personnel however, these links are not “live” via the webinar.  Therefore, the accompanying PowerPoint Presentation includes the additional websites and resources via hyperlink and the notes pages for each slide which include the webinar narrative as well as additional examples for the Indicator 13 requirements.

NOTE: Double-click on the orange 'bubble' icon in the upper left hand corner of pages to view presenter's notes
SPP Indicator 13: Introduction Video Format Introduction including:  the legal framework, Indicator 13 measurement details, information about findings of non-compliance, the Indicator 13 Data Verification Audit and the Data Verification Rubric (13:31)
SPP Indicator 13: Segment 1 Video Format Measurable Post-School Goals (5:57)
SPP Indicator 13: Segment 2 Video Format Postsecondary Goal is Updated Annually? (1:40)
SPP Indicator 13: Segment 3 Video Format Postsecondary Goals are Based on Age-Appropriate Transition Assessments (7:15)
SPP Indicator 13: Segment 4 Video Format Transition Services (7:15)
SPP Indicator 13: Segment 5 Video Format Course of Study (3:19)
SPP Indicator 13: Segment 6 Video Format Annual Goals (5:52)
SPP Indicator 13: Segment 7 Video Format Inviting Students (0:58)
SPP Indicator 13: Segment 8 Video Format Inviting Outside Agencies (6:40)
SPP Indicator 13: Segment 9 Video Format Next Steps for a Finding of Non-Compliance (2:33)
SPP Indicator 13: Segment 10 Video Format Conclusion including: resources, transition planning flowchart, and Indicator 13 team members contact information (5:42)