Standards Implementation System

Indian Springs District #109

An Exemplar Model District

Photo of Indian Springs District #109Located in southwest Cook County, the district's six schools have aligned the Illinois Learning Standards, assessment, curriculum, and professional development to maximize the potential of all children. Data-driven decision-making is the hallmark of the district in which classroom and district data is analyzed routinely to see trends and by subgroups to know if all students are making progress. The district and community relationship is seamless, one that celebrates student differences and pays homage to the truth that children are not born to become replicas of one another. All children are entitled to a promise that the learning community will help them realize their potential. Dr. Jon N. Nebor, Superintendent of District #109, welcomes visitors to the district and hosts a Website from which many of the district’s innovations are highlighted.

For more information, contact Indian Springs District #109 at 708-496-8700.