Career Opportunity

Educational Statistician/Analyst (Principal Consultant #1336)
Springfield Office
Assessment & Accountability
Lane 4 – Minimum Salary $3,946
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Open Until Filled

​This position will conceptualize, design, conduct, and collaborate on complex statistical and other quantitative analyses of Illinois assessments and accountability data to address policy-related issues, projects, and studies that assist agency decision-making and policy development.  This includes theory, design, implementation, analysis, and communication of results as needed by state assessment or reporting vehicle, and other assignments required to comply with state and federal accountability requirements.  This position reports to the Director.​

  • Contributes to the technical analysis and evaluation of assessment quality, results, and performance data.
  • Serves on and leads assessment and accountability advisory committees as needed.
  • Identifies policy or technical issues or questions, designs qualitative and quantitative research studies to clarify the issues, implements the studies, and analyzes and reports the results.
  • Oversees and advises on the design of data collection and the application of complex statistical methods for research and analysis.
  • Sets standards for research protocols and procedures in collaboration with the Director and Division Supervisor, as well as collaboratively with staff and stakeholders.
  • Conducts and supports the necessary research and analysis for any relevant agency initiative, particularly the accountability system in the calculation of student growth.
  • Reviews existing research to inform agency policy and practice.
  • Documents research and synthesizes findings in reports and presentations.
  • Conducts independent research for special assignments on an as needed basis as assigned by the Director, senior leadership, or the State Superintendent.
  • Responds to technical and practical issues or research questions raised by assessment professionals and educators who do not have statistical or measurement expertise.
  • Provides technical information to questioners in ways that they can understand the information and find it meaningful and useful.
  • Performs computer statistical analysis of large complex data sets and databases using both data warehouse, mainframe and microcomputer, and using statistical packages (SAS, SPSS, Winsteps, Facets, or other software as needed by industry standard).
  • Performs other duties as assigned.​
  • Master's Degree or a Bachelor's Degree plus two years of relevant professional experience.  (COPY OF TRANSCRIPTS REQUIRED AT TIME OF APPLICATION)
  • Coursework in quantitative and qualitative research and/or research methodology.
  • Two years of experience (in addition to education requirements) in designing/conducting/completing complex research studies and working with large databases and data sets.
  • Experience managing large amounts of data. 
  • Comprehensive knowledge of statistical analysis and research methods.​
  • Degree in Sociology, Statistics, Economics, Educational Measurement, Educational Psychology, Evaluation, Business Intelligence, or Policy Analysis.
  • Experience in educational or public service context.
  • Experience in coding, policy analysis, report writing, and public presentation.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of policy evaluation.
  • Working knowledge of educational testing methodology and assessment issues including equating, IRT, DIF analysis and comparability studies.
  • Experience programming and using SPSS and SAS.​​