Career Opportunity

Grant Reviewer (Principal Consultant #285, 1287, 1642)
285, 1287, 1642
Springfield or Chicago
Title Grant Administration
$57,461 - $72,614
$57,461 - $97,790
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
December 3, 2021
Open Until Filled

Reporting to the Supervisor, provides services for the fiscal and programmatic implementation and monitoring of one or more state or federal funded education programs; reads and approves state and federal grant applications; participates as a member of a team of consultants providing technical assistance to districts; provides information and other resources to assure school and district compliance with the provisions of ESSA and other applicable legislation; seeks to improve overall instructional quality; serves as a point of contact and liaison with external educational services agencies and professional groups.​

  • Performs grant evaluations and reviews and approves original and amended grant applications.​​
  • Assists in implementing one or more federal funded grant programs to ensure their effectiveness and assure school and district compliance with all programmatic and fiscal regulations as related to laws and grants.​​
  • Provides technical assistance, research, and other support services to assigned grants.​​
  • Provides support to schools as it relates to instructional improvement through written and verbal communication, onsite visits and monitoring as appropriate.​​
  • Reviews federal and state fiscal and programmatic documentation to determine implications for schools and districts, and appropriate forms for compliance and documentation required to show program goals are being met.​​
  • Creates, prepares, participates, and provides prepared materials for workshops, conferences, and committees in order to disseminate information.​​
  • Researches, collects, and provides input for policy development, guidance and monitoring of schools and districts, appropriate forms, and other documents as needed for compliance.​​
  • Assists in planning, executing and coordinating department activities that support federal grant programs to include quality enhancements, data storage and retrieval, internal and external communication, budgeting and analysis of legislation, and makes recommendations as appropriate or required.​​
  • Participates in department, agency and other training activities to improve collective and individual knowledge, skills and abilities.​​
  • Performs other duties as assigned.​​
  • Master's Degree, or, a Bachelors Degree plus two years of relevant professional experience. (COPY OF TRANSCRIPTS REQUIRED AT TIME OF APPLICATION)​​​
  • Two years of experience (in addition to education requirements) working with policy analysis, program evaluation, assessment, budgets, grants management, business, or staff development. ​​​
  • Ability to implement grant funded programs.​​​
  • Basic computer knowledge. ​
  • Ability to develop and manage budgets.​​​
  • Ability to present complex information to lay and professional audiences effectively in formal and informal settings.​​​
  • Ability to work effectively with and within diverse teams.​​​
  • Ability to identify and locate resources.​​​
  • Knowledge of working with law and grants.​​​
  • Ability to define problems and apply problem solving techniques.​​​
  • Ability to coordinate projects.​​​
  • Ability to set schedules and timelines.​​​
  • Highly effective communication skills, especially in writing and in speaking to a wide range of groups. ​​​
  • ​​​Master's Degree in Education, Public Administration, Business Administration, or Organizational Management.
  • ​​​Experience as an educator or administrator.
  • ​​​Experience in the delivery of professional development.
  • ​​​Experience with budgets.
  • ​​​​Knowledge of strategic planning, research methodologies, organizational development and/or adult/student learning.

ISBE provides equal employment opportunities to all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or genetics. We actively foster a culture of inclusion and encourage individuals of all backgrounds to apply.

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