The proposed rules make the following changes to Part 1: Bans all isolated seclusion practices; Time out shall be utilized only when the student’s behavior presents an imminent danger of serious physical harm to the student or others and other less restrictive and intrusive measures have been tried and proven ineffective in stopping the imminent danger of serious physical harm; If time out is utilized, a trained adult must be in the room with the student; Any space used for time out shall remain unlocked; Bans physical restraints that could impair a student’s ability to breathe or speak normally, and institutes strict parameters on when physical restraint is allowed; Requires educational entities to submit data to ISBE within 48 hours of any instance of physical restraint or time out; Requires educational entities to document the use of time out and physical restraint on a form created by the State Superintendent. Such form must also be sent to the parents of a student within 24 hours of the time out or physical restraint; Eliminates the option for parents or guardians to waive notification of instances of time out or physical restraint; Creates a complaint procedure for individuals to file complaints related to the use of time out and physical restraint.​