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​Grades 1-1​2

This waiver request application is for school districts seeking to administer the ACCESS for ELLs assessment using the paper mode in Grades 1-12 in school year 2022-2023.  This form is not required for:
  • Kindergarten test administrations
  • Alternate ACCESS test administrations
  • Allowing handwriting on paper for the Writing domain
  • Providing ACCESS testing accommodations required by a student’s IEP
Please ensure that all fields are completed in order to facilitate the processing of your request.  The “Submit” button will activate once the form is complete.  Please note: District/school staff will need to demonstrate a deficiency in testing hardware or available bandwidth to receive a waiver.

Step 1: Provide General Information


Step 2: Provide Technology Information

Total Number of Student Devices in the District:

Step 3: Provide Additional Information and Submit

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