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Intended Audience:

Teachers, Administrators, District and School Leaders


This Close Reading Modeling Method workshop was facilitated by ISBE during the summer of 2012. This workshop consists of a PowerPoint presentation as well as handout materials that were retrieved from the Common Core Appendix B. The workshop is designed to provide participants with not only a model of Close Reading as it is described by Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey and Diane Lapp, but to provide participants with the opportunity for a more in depth application of Close Reading. Teachers will be able to apply the information presented in this workshop to other texts at all grade levels. The Close Reading exemplars were developed by Student Achievement Partners. They demonstrate how lessons can be adapted to place emphasis on close reading in the daily classroom.

Suggested Use for these Documents:

  1. Professional Development Coordinators may use these materials to inform and familiarize personnel with Close Reading as it applies to the Common Core.
  2. Teachers may use this information to apply the practice of Close Reading to their curricular areas.

Materials Necessary:

  1. PowerPoint: “Close Reading Modeling Method: Example Tasks K-5”[OR] PowerPoint: “Close Reading Modeling Method: Example Tasks 6-12”
    **Participants will only need one copy of the story or poem printed within the presentation.
  2. Slide notes (may be used as a guide for the presenter)
  3. Facilitator’s Guide
  4. Handouts: Slides 10-14 of K-5 presentation or Slides of 6-12 presentation
    • Close Reading Modeling Method Handout
    • Close Reading Modeling Method Worksheet
    • *Optional: Close Reading Reader and Task Considerations
    Books appropriate to grade level or exemplar samples may be utilized from Appendix B Text Exemplars

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