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Intended Audience:

6-12th Grade English Teachers, Administrators, District and School Leaders


This workshop was held as part of a Summer Workshop Series facilitated by ISBE during the summer of 2012. This workshop consists of a PowerPoint presentation and is designed to provide participants with implementation ideas for 6-12 English classes.

Suggested Use for these Documents:

  1. Professional Development Coordinators can use these materials to provide ideas for CCSS implementation.
  2. Teachers may use this information to help them implement the CCSS.
  3. School/district personnel may use the criteria to inform English teachers of important key points of CCSS implementation.

Materials Necessary:

  • PowerPoint: “Common Core State Standards Classroom Implementation for English Literature”
  • PowerPoint notes (may be  used as a guide for the presenter)
  • Internet
  • Sticky notes

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