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Intended Audience:

Teachers, Administrators, District and School Personnel


This PowerPoint was presented at the 2012 NCLB Conference in Chicago, IL. It is designed to provide teachers administrators, and other district personnel with an overview of the Common Core State Standards. The presentation discusses some of the most significant paradigm shifts associated with the Common Core, as well as the structure, rationale, and research behind the standards themselves. The content of this presentation was based largely around the information found in the introduction and appendices of the CCSS.

Suggested Use for this Document:

  1. Professional Development Coordinators may use this document to give a presentation on an introduction of the CCSS.
  2. Teachers may use this information to begin aligning curriculum and instruction with the standards.

Materials Necessary:

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Slide Notes and Facilitator Guide (may be used as a guide for the presenter)

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