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After ELs are properly identified and screened, they must be placed in EL services if they qualify. Below are resources for Parents, Educators, and Adminstrators, to ensure ELs are being adequetly placed.​​

 Parent Notification of Enrollment Letters

 Enrollment Resources

 Administration of Programs

School staff often have questions concerning the enrollment of immigrant school-age children. The laws of Illinois and the United States guarantee all students in Illinois access to a quality education. This requires every district to guarantee all students equal access to the full range of programs and resources. Equal access is influenced by admission policies adopted at the district level and implemented at the school level. By law, immigrant students are entitled to the same access as nonimmigrant students, In Illinois today the growing number of immigrant and non-English-speaking students and changes in immigration law continue to generate questions and concerns about how to fulfill administrative duties without infringing upon children's educational rights.

This information is provided to help districts understand their role in regard to immigrant students. The State Board, with the assistance of its Illinois Advisory Council on Bilingual Education. had prepared the following answers to common questions about the enrollment of immigrant and non-English speaking students.

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