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Schools serving students in grades 3-11 receiving scholarships under the Invest in Kids Act are required to establish as a test site annually via the Establishment Survey. Please note, the survey questions differ based on the grade level selected. One set of questions for students in grades 3-8, one for students in grades 9-10. The establishment survey for SAT School Day with Essay for students in grade 11 will be available later.

If you serve students in Grades 3-10, please check both boxes to encompass all survey questions that are needed to complete all questions for both grade levels. The due date for submission is December 9, 2022.

Please follow the Invest in Kids Act Page for training information as it becomes available.

Please contact assessment@isbe.net with any questions.​

Establishment Survey

All fields below are required. Once they have been completed, the Save button will be enabled. If you do not see your school listed below, please email assessment@isbe.net.

Thank you for your survey submission. If you need to make any changes to your submission, please email assessment@isbe.net.

  3 - 8   9 -10
Grade Level Number of Students
Grade 9
Grade 10
Total Students:
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