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A food service management company (FSMC) contract is one in which the contractor manages some aspect of the school food service program. Generally, the FSMC prepares and serves the meals and/or manages the school meal program(s).

According to The School Code of Illinois, all FSMC contracts involving expenditures in excess of $25,000 must be competitively bid. School food authorities (SFAs) receiving federal reimbursement must follow the required federal and state procurement procedures. To ensure regulatory compliance, all SFAs conducting a new procurement or considering contracting for school meal services are highly encouraged to attend the meal service procurement training offered by the Nutrition and Wellness Programs Division near the end of each calendar year.

Provided below are links to the regulations, requirements, forms, and documents to assist you in completing a successful procurement or contract renewal. If you have questions regarding the bid solicitation and contract procedures or contract renewal process, please contact our office at 217-782-2491 or 800-545-7892 (in Illinois), or via email at nutritionprocurement@isbe.net

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