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IL-EMPOWER is the statewide system of accountability and support that empowers schools with greater choice and voice in the school improvement process. Schools, districts, partners, and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) will work collaboratively to promote shifts in practice and build capacity.

IL-EMPOWER is focused on capacity development for statewide school support and is required for those schools identified to receive comprehensive services as well as an​y other schools that wish to participate. Schools that receive services will complete a needs assessment using multiple data sources and the findings from the comprehensive needs assessment will guide the identification of priority areas to address in collaboration with external Professional Learning Partner(s). Such partners are pre-approved by ISBE to offer specialized services in three categories: Governance and Management, Curriculum and Instruction, and Culture and Climate. ​


Once schools and districts have completed the Illinois Quality Framework Supporting Rubric​, they will have identified one of three Priority Areas: Governance & Management, Climate & Culture or Curriculum & Instruction. By clicking on the corresponding button, schools and districts can search through Learning Partners that specialize in that particular Priority area. These then are broken down into Regions across the state so that schools and districts can easily find a Learning Partner that meets their needs.

Our current list of Learning Partners is not yet complete and will continue to be updated as fully-executed contracts have been received by ISBE from all approved Learning Partners. Please check back to our site for updates.

*Note: Several Learning Partners have been identified as serving multiple Priority Focus areas and are listed in the all Service Area button.​​​​

By Region

As part of the application and vetting process, each learning Partner has identified the Regions within the State of Illinois in which they are able to support. Schools and Districts can click on the region in which they are located to view a list of Learning Partners that will support that region. Please note that schools and districts are to then narrow the list of Learning Partners that specialize in one of the three priority areas (Governance & Management, Climate & Culture, and Curriculum & Instruction) as identified by the Illinois Quality Framework Supporting ​Rubric.

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