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Supporting students begins with a commitment to ensure all children have access to quality learning opportunities and the resources needed for success. IL-EMPOWER is a statewide system of differentiated supports and accountability to improve student learning, purposely designed for capacity development to leverage schools’ strengths to meet student needs. 

Children learn in multiple environments starting with the home, school, and community. In partnership with professional learning providers, IL-EMPOWER facilitates a process with schools to address the developmental needs of the whole child – including social-emotional, physical health, and development. 

This new structure replaces the single-provider model currently in place and empowers schools with greater choice and collaboration that is informed by data assembled through a needs assessment and equity analysis. IL-EMPOWER promotes collaboration and peer-to-peer learning as vehicles for educator-led and state-supported school improvement.

 Equity Analysis

​The Equity Analysis process involves gathering and analyzing data to identify inequities that serve as barriers to academic achievement.  It can be implemented to address issues of discipline and identification for services such as special and gifted education.  The five dimensions of the equity analysis being utilized by IL-Empower encompass Systematic Equity, Programmatic Equity, Teacher Quality Equity, Achievement Equity and Leadership for Excellence and Equity.  Consequently, an equity focus in the school improvement process will encourage an equitable, coordinated, focused school-wide approach to ensuring that all students are provided an opportunity for academic success​.​
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