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Intended Audience:

Teachers, Administrators, Professional Development Coordinators


This 45 minute presentation will focus on the innovation skills students need to be college and career ready, as well as how these skills can be reinforced and integrated with the Common Core. These high-demand skills include: collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. This presentation will also look at the necessary teacher practices and considerations needed to promote these skills. Lastly, this presentation will apply this awareness to evaluating and creating innovative lesson plans.

Suggested Use for these Documents:

  • Teacher professional development self-study or group-study.
  • Whole staff professional development led by teacher leader(s) or administrator.
  • Awareness building among students’ families and/or community stakeholders.
  • Professional development coordinators could use this to lead a professional development workshop. 

Materials Necessary:

  1. Integrating Innovation PPT
  2. Handout PDF (includes):
    1. Guided questions
    2. Common Core State Standards
    3. P 21 Framework
    4. Alignment to P21 and Common Core
    5. Learning Task Evaluation Document
    6. Sample Lesson Plans (Grades 4, 8 and 12)
    7. ISBE Resources Handout
    8. Exit Survey
  3. Videos:
    1. 21st Century Skills video
    2. Deeper Learning video

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